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Explosions, dogs, and creepy old men.

Lately I have been running way more than normal. (Since normal is not running at all, it’s not hard to beat.)

One night last week, Cody and I hit the pavement for a 5K run. He quickly advanced far in front of me to where I could no longer see him. Normally I am not a fan of running by myself, but that night I didn’t care. I had Rdio and my Nike+ GPS app, so I was content. It was a rough run that day, but I was determined to beat my time. I had less than a mile to go and I felt that second wind. I crossed the street and saw a guy up ahead acting a little strange. Our neighborhood is full of people, so I didn’t think much of it. As I went to pass him, he lightly grabbed my arm to get my attention. I pulled the headphone out of my ear and jogged in place as he talked to me about a explosion he heard and firetrucks speeding by. Apparently a house had caught on fire. I tried to end the conversation by saying that I would check it out once I got home, and as I turned he said, “I’ll run with you.” Alarms went off in my head. This guy was not about to run with me to my house! A little freaked out, I turned my music up louder and picked up the pace, thinking he would take the hint. After about a block, he stopped, saying that he was too out of shape for that. As he mentioned something about checking back, I smiled and turned the corner.

Breathing a sigh of relief as he disappeared from sight, I noticed something at my feet. A dog. Of course. I slowed and looked around and saw a couple chasing this tiny dog, explaining that his bark is worse that his bite. I quickly asked them about the sirens and the reason the other guy had stopped me. They had heard something, but did not seem too worried. So I kept on jogging. One block from home, I saw a guy on a bicycle. He was crossing in front of me when all of a sudden he turns and heads my way. For real, are you kidding me? He stops me and asks if I had seen his dog. I quickly replied no, that the only dog I had seen chased me. I tried moving on quickly, but I had no such luck. He began to tell me in detail what his dog looked like. Did I need to know about his mole? I think not.

After all of the crazy, I finally made it home with a time of 33 minutes. Sometimes I just cannot believe my luck. Am I alone, or do you have some crazy running story too?

Music Monday

Lately, I’ve been repeating The Decemberists’ album The King Is Dead like my Jr. High girlfriend did “Angel” by Shaggy. So now that the latter is stuck in your head, you can listen to former.

From the first blast of a harmonica supported by a great southern stomp in “Don’t Carry It All”, to the soft Dylon-esque “January Hymn”, and Ending with the musical letter “Dear Avery”, the entire album takes you down a back-country-road adventure. If you like good ole’ southern music, with a little rock, a little folk, and a dash of country, then this is your ticket. Especially like a good harmonica. I’m a sucker for them.

My Favorite Songs: Don’t Carry It All, Down By The Water, June Hymn.

Last week was overcast and rainy, which calls for a certain type of music that is chill and relaxing. The Low Anthem won this week, especially “Charlie Darwin”.

Most commonly known as “The girl from the Gotye song”, Kimbra’s “Settle Down” EP has been added to my regular rotation.

This album was on my heavy rotation this week because sometimes you just need some music that’s upbeat and “fun.” This was one of those weeks.

What have you been listening to?

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