Our unconventional life under the same roof.

It’s camping weather! Perfect weather for sitting on the beach, basking in the sun, and listening to the voice of nature. That’s exactly what we are doing tomorrow. We’ve been planning our trip to Keystone lake this week and it reminded me of a great lake story.

Last summer.

The whole Grantsen crew packed up the tent and all the other camping necessities and said goodbye to city life for the weekend. With it being our first time at this particular site, the lack of signage, and no one to pay, we made our best guess as to where to set up camp. We found a nice spot with a water spout, a picnic table, and even a grill. My kind of camping. We brought all the ingredients for hobo dinners and we were just getting ready to sit down to eat when we spot pair of headlights getting closer by the second. “Park Ranger” read the side of the farm truck and in it sat a large mustachioed man and his country built bride. We were informed we happend to be in the most expensive RV spot and if we stayed we would have to pay $35. “Well… there’s a debit card machine up yander at the little store” he told us after we said we didn’t have enough cash. Turns out if we moved camp down to the beach we could cut cost down to $10, no brainer.

Unfortunately, the sun was already down and we had already set up our tents. But being that my life moto is “Work smarter, not harder”, this is where the real fun begins.

Duncan and I just picked up the tents and walked them the two hundred yards down to the beach. The picture is just the first of two tents, plus all the other gear we had to move.

Believe it or not, it gets better.

I’ve never owned Speedo shorts before. Last summer I thought I would try them out. We spent most of the next day swimming and lounging in the water.  At some point, Duncan and Jess made it out pretty far in the water, Sarah was nearer to me, and I had a hilarious idea. Without making to much movement I shimmied my shorts to my ankles, from here the plan was to say “Hey Guys!”, kick them to the surface, grab my shorts and swing them over my head. One thing I didn’t know about Speedo shorts… they sink.

I had just yelled “Hey Guys!” and with my eyes in the widest shocked face you can imagine, I frantically searched for my lost coverings. If you’ve ever been to an Oklahoma lake, you know that the likelihood of you seeing more than a foot below the surface is slim to none. Sarah was asking “What?, what are you looking for?” and after a few more unsuccessful dives I’m sure with what was the most embarrassed look she has ever seen, I reply, “I’m naked… I lost my shorts…”

At this point Duncan, Jess, and Sarah are laughing too hard to help me, so I am just standing in the lake, middle of the day, naked. Sarah eventually composed herself enough to retrieve an extra pair of shorts for me to restore my dignity… kinda. The laughing continued.

Lesson learned: Check buoyancy of swim wear before stripping.


Comments on: "Ever been caught with your pants down?" (2)

  1. ecastillo205 said:

    love this story. hilarious

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