Our unconventional life under the same roof.

My Buddy is gone.

Spring is here, which means it’s scooter riding weather! Sunday, we spent most of  the day cruising around town. There is no better feeling than the wind blowing and the sun shining on the open road. We acquired our Buddy scooter last year, and along with Cody and Sarah, there wasn’t a day above freezing we didn’t try to ride. Not only does the scooter provide a relaxing escape, it saves us buckets of money in gas.

Yesterday, all the happiness associated with my scooter was stolen. I was leaving Lowe’s and walked out to where I parked, only to find my scooter gone! Someone picked it up and put in in a truck. I have the key, so the forks are locked. They could have only pushed it in circles. It happened between 9 am and 3 pm, so there is no telling where it could have gone. It could be in Tulsa or another state by now. Either way my blue buddy is gone.

I walked home and called the police, state farm, and the scooter store. A sigh of relief came once we remembered we have full coverage insurance, meaning we only have to pay a deductible to replace it. So, I suppose, there is a silver lining.

Now we are just anxiously waiting to hit the open road on again.

If you see my scooter, Please let me know.

Comments on: "My Buddy is gone." (2)

  1. I’m so sorry about losing your little scooter! Man, the gas prices are making people really desparte. Sheeesh. But yay for being smart and doing to full insurance thing. I really love that photo, too! I am also a ladyscooterist and have my partner ride on back. Hehe. 😉 Love it.

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