Our unconventional life under the same roof.

Follow EricMeet Eric. Eric is our good friend. He is also a blogger. You can follow him at http://www.followeric.com. One of the main focuses of Eric’s blog is finding new and interesting places. Sometimes he explores a marathon of venues during what he calls a blogathon.

We had the privilege of introducing Eric to Tulsa. Here’s a recap of our weekend.


Friday evening we officially kicked off the Tulsa Blogathon with burgers and a round of bowling at Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge downtown. Although we’ve heard a lot of hype, this was our first visit. The vintage atmosphere made the bowling and bar that much cooler. Overall, Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge lived up to the hype.


Next stop was the Max Retro Pub. The Max is filled with old school arcade games from Donkey Kong to Ski-ball, they had it all. The Max was great for grabbing a drink and engaging in some friendly competition.


Before the St. Patrick’s Day 5K, we started the day off early with breakfast from Quiktrip.

Eating Breakfast

The 5k was sponsored by Runner’s World and all the proceeds went to Special Olympics Oklahoma and Tulsa Running Club. Matt, Eric, and I conquered the 5k along with over 2,600 other participants in Brookside. It was a first for all of us and at the end of it Eric was ready to kill me. We finished strong though.

After a quick shower we were off to do some shopping at Dwelling Spaces to check out their one of kind store.

Lunch was at Andolini’s Pizza. We devoured garlic knots and their speciality, the S.P.Q.R, on the patio. We hung out for a bit and enjoyed the live music spilling over from the party on Cherry Street.

We went shopping at Must Stash and Ida Red on Brookside. Finding one of a kind apparel is a favorite of ours. At Ida Red, we enjoyed some old school candy and unique soda.

Dinner was back to Cherry Street, redeeming a Groupon for food and drink tickets to be used at the Smoke street party. Beer, funnel cakes, brisket, and bratwurst were our food of choice. We spent our time talking, laughing, and some hilarious people watching in front of Smoke and down the street at Kilkenney’s.

Our final stop of the day was downtown. A party in front of McNellie’s. What a great way to live it up on St. Patrick’s Day.


After CityChurch on sunday morning, we grabbed Subway and met up with some friends at Zink Park. Our favorite place to relax on a quilt and read the afternoon away.

After Zink we went to Chandler Park. Another favorite, but requires a bit more energy for all the hiking and rock climbing.

We had a jam-packed weekend full of so many things we love. It was fun sharing our favorite local spots with great friends.

So…what did you do for St. Patrick’s Day?

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