Our unconventional life under the same roof.

Our Story

All of us

Cody, Sarah, Jess, Duncan

We are family. We are friends. We are two married couples under the same roof. We are adventurers. Here’s to exploring our world.

Duncan and Sarah. Brother and sister. He is 17 months older. They had the same friends and rarely threw shoes at each other.

Duncan & Sarah

Duncan & Sarah Fishing

Cody and Duncan. The bromance began with their first band, Scubatank, in junior high. Where Duncan found his passion for drumming and Cody found his passion for Sarah, Duncan’s sister.

Cody (front right) & Duncan (back center) in 2004

Cody and Sarah. Best friends since junior high. In love since Cody swept her off her feet with the pick up line “my love for you wouldn’t fit on a terabyte hard drive”.

Cody & Sarah

Sarah and Jess. Ran in the same circle since first grade but were not friends until late high school when Jess told Sarah she would do anything that she needed for her wedding, even the crap jobs. She was the maid-of-honor.

Sarah & Jess

Jess and Duncan. Remained close through Duncan dating all of her friends and confiding in her about all of his girl problems, until she became one.

Duncan & Jess

Duncan & Jess

Cody and Jess. Still not friends.

Jess & Cody

Jess & Cody killing each other.

In 2009, Cody and Sarah moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jess and Duncan moved to Lawrence, Kansas. After a string of events and practically begging them, the Jensens finally convinced the Grantz’s to move to Tulsa. During our first year living in Tulsa, we lived in adjacent apartments and were practically cohabitating already. Eating most meals together, watching TV together, and spending most waking hours together, one apartment was usually empty until it was time to sleep.

After coming to the conclusion that we already lived together, the four of us decided to forgo paying for two separate apartments, combine our rent, and look for a house to share. We found a 5 bed, 2.5 bath, 3000 square feet home with a “mother-in-law” suite. Essentially two houses combined. This provided enough space for both couples to have separate Living/Bed/Bath rooms, even our own kitchens. The extra rooms allowed Jess a photography studio, Duncan a practice space, Cody an office, and Sarah an office/craft room. A big upgrade from 700 square feet, one bedroom apartments with higher combined rent than the five bedroom house.

That’s a little about us, we hope you’ll join us on this journey and see what happens when four creative adventurers live under the same roof.

We are the Grantz’s and the Jensens. We are the Grantsens.

Comments on: "Our Story" (14)

  1. Staci McMullen said:

    This is Fantastic!

  2. Chad McCaslin said:

    This is great!

  3. Cody, this is awesome. How cool for you all to be such good friends and share your lives so much. I’m looking forward to all kinds of cooky stories and pictures here!

  4. Jordan Smith said:

    We were the Smantzens for a short time. It was a fantastic week.

  5. Lovin’ me some ScubaTank!

    • You would retract that statement if you actually heard some “Scuba Tank”!

      Here is the bridge to our title song “Breathing Under Water”

      You died on the cross for me and my friends
      not only that but you saved me of my sins
      Jesus, your the most high martyr
      the one who keeps me breathing under water

  6. You guys are too freaking awesome.

  7. My Husband and I talked about this all the time before we had kids! It’s really cool to see someone actually doing it. Great Memories will be made for sure!!!

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